Book Signing, 11/19/09, AARP N. Providence, RI


Dr. Ed autographing books after a talk with the AARP North Providence, RI Chapter at the K of C Hall in N. Providence, RI.


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4 Comments on “Book Signing, 11/19/09, AARP N. Providence, RI”


    your love of family and of your childhood comes through with every word. thanks for the memories…i, too, have had similar ones and love to reminisce

  2. Ed Valenti Says:

    A wondeful book!
    Ed’s warm and often forgotten memories make it a must read for all, even non-Italians!

  3. Annmarie Rizza Says:

    Annmarie Rizza
    This is a wonderful way to send my day reading of your youth. I am younger so I don’t know of a lot of this things. I love this and Bless you! Most of my family are gone now and I am the last one in my age group who did grow up with Italian memories.
    Thank you for writing this!

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