Growing Up Italian, Book One

Welcome to my new blog.  Please join me as I add posts regularly about my journey with book One and the evolution of book Two.  And I’ll definitely throw in some fun stories and sneak peeks at what’s to come!

Ed Iannuccilli

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4 Comments on “Growing Up Italian, Book One”

  1. Tony Bucci Says:

    Ed; Great job and very heart warming, I’m amazed at your recollection of detail and events, as I read your writings it brings me back to reflect on my own, as they are so similar, although different, (la citta).

    Tony Bucci

  2. Annina Zarrella McCarthy Says:

    Delightful reading-il ritrovo of our early days.Keep up with the writing.I am working on getting more photos for the book I envision.Takes time…..Anne

  3. Cindi Connell Says:

    Bob forwarded this site to me and I enjoyed reading every story. Although not Italian, many of your customs and stories related to my French Canadian heritage!
    Having met all of the family, it was a delightful to read of your life growing up! I will look forward to your future posts!

  4. Giovanni Says:

    Dr., my boss Karl shared growing up italian with me and I read it over Christmas break. It brought back alot of great memories I had of our families in the late 70’s and early 80’s as they were fresh from Italy having imigrated to Westerly, RI in the 60’s (My family in 1972). We still make our home made wine (vino) and soupy (supresatta) everly cold season and have them ferment and cure in the “cold celar”. And yes, since my father has passed, my uncle Tony still burry’s the family fig tree with hand and shovel each fall so we can enjoy them in late september early october. Thank you for sharing! Ci vidiamo.

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