The Santa on Dad’s Tree

The story of Dad’s tree is one of my favorites. Though it might have been a bit long, I hope you had time to read it and perhaps identify¬†with it as your stories may be similar. Be sure to write them as recording the past is so important. Here again is a description of Dad’s Santa:

Over the years Santa aged too; his beard went from white to tan, he lost his left hand, his pants drooped, pine needles stuck to his boots, his sack shriveled, the piping on the front of his jacket needed stitching, the cotton withered.

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3 Comments on “The Santa on Dad’s Tree”

  1. ChrisIann Says:

    As the author’s son, I can attest to the appeal of this Santa and how much Pop loved him. He told us every year hat he was bought on my dad’s birth day. And I’m so happy the Santa is still kicking.

  2. Connie Qazi Says:

    Please do not be confused, I have 2 email addresses, as this is my main one. The other is for my organizational activities.You may use both.
    I must compliment you on this beautiful web site. It is so reminicent of days long ago.
    You have also jolted the memories of many Italians and other non-Italians of the wonderful memories of childhood.
    Thank you Dr. Ed, May God Bless you and your family from all of us at the Italian Heritage Society of Indiana. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family. Please have the best New Year. Sincerely Connie Qazi
    Vice President – Italian heritage Society of Indiana

  3. Joan 'Troiano' Withjack Says:

    Hi Ed,
    Great family picture ! Who’s kitchen is that ?
    I was telling a co-worker yesterday how your Mom would make ravioli’s for everyone and your Dad would drop them off.
    It was great seeing the family at the reunion this summer.
    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year.
    Wonderful memories !

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