Lentils for good luck; and throw out the old.

Mom, Dad, Uncle Carl, Aunt Della Celebrating the New Year


In Italy New Year’s Eve is another festival where food plays a major role. Lentils, lenticchie, symbolizing money and good fortune for the coming year, represent good luck, perhaps because they look like little coins, or because they are so abundant. They are traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day. A rich lentil soup may help to usher in a prosperous and healthy New Year while it warms your body and spirit. 

The day’s dinner may also include cotechino, a large spiced sausage. The pork symbolizes the richness of life in the coming year.  

An old custom that I think is interesting is to throw old things out the window to symbolize the readiness to accept the New Year (Do you remember the scene in the great movie, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso?). So, keep an eye out for falling objects if you’re walking around near midnight!

 Augurando che la festa di Capodanno e buona fortuna vi accompagni nel Nuovo Anno
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5 Comments on “Lentils for good luck; and throw out the old.”

  1. Fran L. Says:

    I plan on trying the lentil soup with carrots and potatoes and my all time favorite garlic with garlic bread. A little rigatoni also on the side. Thank you It will add to my New Year menu!

  2. Jim O'Shaughnessy Says:

    Spiced sausage to represent the richness of life in the coming year? Hmm…Maybe sausage also serves as an analogy to the mysteries of life i.e. we have no idea what’s inside either!

  3. I am enjoying these stories about my memories.

  4. Connie Qazi Says:

    A rich lentil soup, perhaps pasta with saugage, and to finsh it off, with gelato and fruit. Loved all the comments.

  5. Ron Lepre Says:

    Doc. The info on “out with the old” brings back those New Years Eve nights at Nonnie’s w/ cousins Carolyn, David and myself. Watching “Lorenzi Wellcha! on color tv! At twelve we had the chance to throw the old cracked plates on to Penn Street.

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