The Golden Door

One of the finest Italian movies that I have seen in recent years is The Golden Door (La Porta d’Oro); a story of Italian immigration from southern Italy depicted in tre parte: 

La preparazione…in Sicily with wonderful scenes of the Sicilian countryside and some Italian superstitions, 

La traversata…the voyage in ships and the associated turmoil. One telling example of confusion depicts the inability of the Italians to converse with one another because of the different dialects, not only in the provinces but also from village to village. And the third part is,  

L’arriva…the arrival to the United states through Ellis Island. Look at the fear on the faces of the immigrants, but moreso, look at the hope as they escape the poverty, isolation and diseases of Sicily in the late 1800’s,early 1900’s. 

It is the story of coming to America and the land of promise, notwithstanding the anxieties and realities of getting here. 

The photography is beautiful and the story is compelling. 

Lo raccomando. 

Immigrants awaiting processing

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3 Comments on “The Golden Door”

  1. Joe Giusto Says:

    I had not heard of this movie.
    You bet I will see it.
    This is one great reason for being in this group.

    • Victoria Stoffa Says:

      Ciao, Ed and Diane!
      What a wonderful discovery it has been to open your website! We’ve relished every story, and of course, each account has stirred poignant memories of our own childhood days here in North Florida.
      No,I’ve not seen the movie you mentioned yet, but can’t wait to do so! An artist friend,Patricia Drew, of Atlanta,GA has painted a series called “The American Quilt”, in which she has used photos of immigrants super-imposed onto the canvas. They are amazing in their depiction of the human condition, similar to the imageds in the Family of Man book from the early 1960’s.
      Thanks so much for this opportunity to read your enchanting blog. Rose and I have a couple photos of you both from the trip to N.Italy last Fall, and promise to send them soon as we learn to use our technology.
      So long for now,

      • Thank you for your kind remarks, Victoria. What a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, we are aware of the Quilt as I think you told us of it. We will be sure to check it out on line. We look forward to your pictures. Have you received the ones Diane sent by e-mail?
        Our best to Rose.
        Tante belle cose…all good things.
        Ed and Diane

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