The Writings of Anthony Riccio

Anthony Riccio is a remarkable author of Italo Americana. His book,”The Italian American Experience in New Haven,” is a tour di force, and I recommend it with enthusiasm.
He just finished writing “Cooking with Chef Silvio: Stories, Social History and Authentic Recipes from Campania,” which is a book of oral histories of Chef Silvio Suppa and how he learned the art of southern Italian cooking from his grandmother on the farm in Italy, in a town near Naples called Sant’ Agata de’ Goti.  The stories are beautiful and his recipes are the real thing.  It should be published in March or April.
 The second is “Farms, Factories and Families: Italian American Women of Connecticut.” Anthony  traveled all over the state recording the life experiences of IA elderly women who have provided , as Anthony says, “a mountain of gold” in terms of how precious their stories are.  He has transcribed 30 of these stories. So many of his subjects grew up in small towns in Sicily, Puglia, Campania and northern Italy. They document the details of small village eyes through the eyes of a young girl.  Their stories are compelling as they are precious in their reconstruction of what life was like for our ancestors.
 Look for Anthony’s latest books. They should be out soon. In the meantime, get the “New Haven Italians.” It is well worth it.

Check his web site.

And…you too should write your stories. Get going!!!

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