More of Rome from Serafino

Civita di Bagnoregio

In The Town of Bagnoregio


Ed and Serafino

 This is a note about Rome from our friend, Serafino Garella, who lives in Biella, Italy, a beautiful town just south of the lake region.
“I enjoyed reading your suggestions in a previous blog entry about what to see in Rome. And to those I add: When around Rome, if you have one day to ride about, go to visit Civita di Bagnoregio. Civita is a left-over town that is slowly disappearing. Built on a hilltop, the friable terrain around it is slowly being eroded, so that the small town is now linked to the town of Bagnoregio (in the environs of Orvieto, another place very much worth a visit!) only by a bridge. It is about two hours’ drive out of Rome. The old bridge that was linking Civita to Bagnoregio was blasted at the end of WW II, and the new bridge is not in keeping with the rest of the town, architecturally speaking. But the town itself is wondrous, especially towards evening, as you can see from the few attached pictures that I send as a small sample.”

And another note from Serafino….
“The new year almost starts with a palindromic date: the first of February, when written in the Italian acception, is 01-02-2010, which can be read forward and backward, and is considered an omen of good luck. (By the way, “Palin” in ancient Greek and perhaps in modern Greek as well, means “again” . Another omen?).”

Grazie, Serafino.

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3 Comments on “More of Rome from Serafino”

  1. Fran Loszynski Says:

    The pictures of Rome and surrounding towns are beautiful. In the hustle and bustle of our world; it is refreshing to see the “old world” still exists.

  2. Peter Pizzarello Says:

    Its been a long time since I have seen the trim, squash playing, arthritic wrist Serafino. Thousands of miles away, brings friends together and reintroduces old, almost forgotten names and faces. I thought Serafino lived in Chicago. Eddie, your blog site is great.

    • Thank you for your very kind comments, Peter. Yes, Serafino is the same…very Italian…movie star like, and loving every moment in retirement in his town. Now, instead of squash, he bikes across the Alps, on the roads of course, for fun and exercise.

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