Marvin talks Italian tuna


Ahh..what wonderful tuna awaits....

Looks delicious...

So my friend Marvin was asked by his friend why Italian tuna was so expensive. I love his reply


“The reason that Italian Tuna is expensive is that it’s not caught with hooks and line.
No, unlike the American way where they chum with dead fish, the Italians chum with parmigianno and chianti mixed. The tuna swim up to the boat, keep eating and drinking and before you know it they are drunk lying on their backs. The fisherman just lift them into the boat. Takes time, but there is no trauma.
Therefore , enjoy it, eat it slowly because you’ll never get another can from me, too damn expensive …”

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3 Comments on “Marvin talks Italian tuna”

  1. Joe Giusto Says:

    Tuna fishing..Italian style.
    I saw this with my own two eyes, the guys on the boat ate and drank the “bait”..leaving little for the fish. Hence small catches and thus, very expensive.
    I have the book “Jesus Stopped at Eboli” on request.
    Hope to read it soon.

  2. Cindy Says:

    I love Italian tuna and I talk about it on my Federal Hill tour. Here’s a great recipe using it with pasta enjoy.


  3. Fran L.oszynski Says:

    I love “Tonno” tuna fish an Italian brand.I’m not Italian so bear with me but the rich oil in it is beyond compare. I wonder if it is olive oil? Here is a little tuna recipe I like to share:
    tonno tuna
    clove of garlic, pour a little chicken broth on top
    add a little chopped spinach and green pepper
    spread butter with mayonnaise on a roll
    Spread tuna mix on roll, Mangia!

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