La Pasquetta…lunedi in albis

Easter is a great holiday in Italy, but few outside Italy know of the Monday following Easter, “La Pasquetta.” It is also a nationwide holiday… sometimes called, “lunedi in albis.” It is a day of rest, and it is also the opening of the parks. The Italians take their leftovers from the Easter Sunday banquet for a picnic in the park. Families enjoy large meals with all kinds of Italian delicacies. Many cities will hold outdoor events including concerts and games which often involve eggs, like the famous egg races of Tredozio.

 One unusual Pasquetta game takes place in the town of Panicale in Umbria, where the goal is to roll giant wheels of cheese around the city walls in the quickest time and using the least strokes.

Italian picnic

I was once in Italy on La Pasquetta and there was nothing open save for a few trattorias. So do not expect to shop on the Monday after Easter in Italy. Buy some sandwiches and go to the park.

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2 Comments on “La Pasquetta…lunedi in albis”

  1. Fernando Campana Says:


    Grazie mille.

    Auguri a tutti e buona Pasqua,


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