Guest author…Tom DeNucci

       …A Walk in the Stop and Shop                               

I took a 20 min walk inside the Stop and Shop. That’s right, inside a supermarket.  Yesterday I found it a little too chilly to walk outside. Though I did it, it was not comfortable. So today my wife suggested that while she picked up a few things, I should take a walk inside. My observations are as follows.    

Sir Thomas

             If one walks the perimeter of the store, one passes through the flower shop,  fruit and produce, deli, meat, fish, dairy, frozen foods and, believe it or not, it’s cold along the perimeter. Button the coat cool. Makes sense. Lots of open display cases. An old-timer is picking out ice cream, or something that looks like ice cream on the container. No sugar, no fat, no taste? Still chilly on the perimeter but keep going and one gets to the Bakery. Warm. Cozy, smells great, almost a home-made feeling. Almost like being in the kitchen “down cellar” the week before a holiday when I was a kid.
              Next is the check out area. Crowded. Dodge a few carriages. Now back to the floral department to start all over again. Check the watch. Four minutes. Four minutes? That’s it? That makes 5 laps to get to 20 min. Wow, my walking speed has improved.
              OK, once again through the chilly area (old-timer has finally decided on Vanilla), then unbutton at the bakery….
               I get an idea.  Instead of the periphery, how about going up and down the aisles?  More observations. A lot of people use their cell phones in the market. Some conversation is idle chit chat. (What has happened here? Why can’t we even go “food shopping” without talking to someone on the phone?) Some is “Honey, which Brownie mix we get?”  Some people get side by side with their carriages and totally block the aisle. “Excuse me please.” I am on a mission! Keep going, up and down, run into Marie only twice. Don’t stop, just smile and keep walking. Don’t go down the Hallmark aisle again. Too may browsers picking out cards. The pet aisle. Never noticed it before, a faint but definite odor of dry dog food. Not an unpleasant smell. I kind of like it. Health and beauty…that’s a lot of tooth paste.
           Check the watch, 18 min. I am in the home stretch. Get to 20 min, find Marie and then find a bench. There are two, both near the lottery vending machine. People do buy a lot of scratch tickets! Take off my coat. Glad I did not wear that hoody.
           A quick walk to the car, then home. Walk number one for the day is in the record books. Where will I go for walk number two?
           And, by the way, “Deli order 18 is ready for pick up at your convenience.”

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One Comment on “Guest author…Tom DeNucci”

  1. marvin Says:


    Sure sounds like a great way to exercise on a cold or rainy day.

    I once went into a supermarket with my coat on and walked around and sure enough as i was about to leave somebody stopped and asked me to open my coat.

    Guess when you’re an old man like me they get suspicious. Frankly I’m just too nervous to shoplift I told the guy.


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