Italian Sports Quiz from Italian Heritage Culture

 In 1920, New York Yankees center fielder, Francesco Stephano Pezzolo, nicknamed his friend and teammate, George Herman Ruth, ‘The Bambino,’ which thousands of Ruth fans immediately adopted. Pezzolo, a Genoese Italian American from San Francisco, was ironically forced to change his Italian name and was known to baseball fans by what other name?


Ping Bodie

Frank “Ping” Bodie (Oct. 8, 1887 – Dec. 17, 1961) Francesco Stephano Pezzolo was born in San Francisco. One of the most feared sluggers in the 1910s, Bodie was nicknamed “Ping” for the sound made when his fifty-two-ounce bat crashed into the “dead” ball of his era.

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5 Comments on “Italian Sports Quiz from Italian Heritage Culture”

  1. Joanne Pezzolo Says:

    I was looking up something about me and came upon your blog. Stephano was my husband’s great uncle. Nice to see that he is remembered. Thank you

  2. That would be great. Thanks.
    Again, my new site is

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