La Mortadella

Did you know that in 1971 Sophia Loren starred in the movie, La Mortadella? She tries to get past customs with a gift wrapped, watermalon-sized mortadella. Have you tried this pork sausage studded with globules of fat? It has a long history in Italy, dating to the University of Bologna in 1661. In fact, mortadella is in the writings of Bocaccio. 


Oscar Mayer commercialized it, took out the globules and thus named it “baloney.”   


Nonetheless it is delicious and the only time I ever try it( Yikes, fat globules) is when I am in Italy.

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2 Comments on “La Mortadella”

  1. marvin Says:

    I don’t know about Mortadella, but I would loved to have tried Sophia.
    Who needs baloney when she was in her prime, and I didn’t even grow up Italian

    Marvin Montevererdi ( that’s Green Berg in Italian you know)

  2. J Bonanno Says:

    Speaking of Sophia…I have been on the hunt for a copy of her cookbook which she wrote about 20 years ago I think. Does anyone have an idea where I might find one?

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