Frank Zamboni and his machine…

Frank Joseph Zamboni, Jr. was an inventor whose most famous invention was the Zamboni machine for resurfacing ice rinks. He was born in Eureka, Utah to Italian immigrant parents who bought a farm near Pocatello, Idaho, where he grew up. In 1940, in California, he and his brothers opened the Iceland Rink. There Frank devised a way to eliminate rippling caused by the pipes that were laid down to keep the rink frozen. In 1948, he invented a machine that

An Older Zamboni machine

Frank Zamboni and the “Zamboni”

transformed the job of resurfacing an ice rink from a three-man, 90-minute task to a one-man, 10-minute job. In 1949, he applied for a patent, and set up Frank J. Zamboni & Co. in Paramount to build and sell the machines. Demand for the machine proved great enough that his company added a second plant in Brantford, Ontario and a branch office in Switzerland. Another immigrant son success story.

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2 Comments on “Frank Zamboni and his machine…”

  1. Timely post since our Black Hawks just won The Cup. Gotta love that Zamboni!

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