Voice of Italy Radio

Title: Italian Radio Show
Many years ago, I remember my grandparents and parents listening to the “Italian radio program” with Antonio Pace. Over subsequent years, I have listened to hosts Claude Campellone and Rolando Petrella and, more recently, to MariaGina Aiello. MariaGina has been in the Italian Radio broadcast business for many years, starting with Rolando in the late ‘80’s and now hosting  Radio Italia(Rhode Island’s Voice of Italy), broadcast every Sunday at noon on 88.1 FM WELH, Providence, RI.


Her Voice of Italy, started in 1999, no longer caters to just immigrants, but to Italians of mother tongue as well as to all Rhode Island American ‘Italophiles’ and other ethnic groups:  Spanish, Greeks, Portuguese and Armenians.
MariaGina’s web site, http://radioitaliari.com/ mirrors the Sunday “Radio Italia” program in a new format…a magazine radio broadcast not of stereotypical customs, but of Italian lifestyle in all its forms.
MariaGina says,
“I’ll try to keep you updated, entertained and informed about the topics dear to me and those like me:  Italy; its history, its culture, its people, its present and therefore, our very identity.  It is not an encyclopedic or literary undertaking; it is a transparent presentation of who I am (we are) and where I (we) come from.”
MariaGina has posted this great quote from Verdi on her site:
“Avrai tu l’universo, resti l’Italia a me.”
“You may have the universe, if I may have Italy.” 
Indeed, all of us wish a part of this great country.
Listen to and support this wonderful show for a taste of Italy, its art, music, culinary traditions, and history…from the past and for the present.

Thank you, MariaGina.

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10 Comments on “Voice of Italy Radio”

  1. JB Says:

    This brings to mind the Italian cooking show on early TV. The husband and wife team were the Bontempis – she did the cooking, he did some singing. They had their dog on the show too – a Great Dane I think. It was out of Newark, NJ. Anybody remember this?

  2. Jruscito Says:

    You did not mention John Bello. As I recall, he was on the radio with Antonio Pace and then took over for him. He was bright, articulate, and very popular.

    • Thank you. I was not aware of John Bello and apologize for the oversight. Antonio Pace was a hero to the immigrant population as I recall. Would you agree?

      • Jruscito Says:

        Ed: Antonio was well respected in the community. My grandarents and my mother loved his program. As I recall, they readily accepted John Bello as Pace replacement.

        They loved the Italian language, the soft melodic tones and the sweet resonance of vowles. Bello really made the language sing.

  3. JB Says:

    I was on that show once along with my cousin, and may have interacted with your dad. I was about twelve at the time (1950).

    My uncle owned a winery – San Benito – and I think they pushed his wine on the show

  4. It is a treat for me to hear how much the Italian show impacted so many. Its sounds echoed through our three family tenements every weekend. Again, thank you for sharing.

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