I Speak at The University of Vermont

 In the spring, at the request and invitation of my cousin, UVM Professor of Nutrition, Bob Tyzbir, and hosted by Professor of Italian, Antonello Borra, I was honored to be invited to speak at The University of Vermont. Of course, my subject was of the Italian immigration and of my book, “Growing up Italian; Grandfather’s Fig Tree and Other Stories.”

The audience of Italian students and members of the local Italian society were enthusiastic and shared so many stories of our heritage.

I was enamored of speaking in the hallowed UVM halls in the former chapel of  The Old Mill Building.

UVM Old Mill Building

UVM’s original college building was constructed on the present site of Old Mill in 1802. Designed by John Johnson of Burlington, the rectangular, four-story, hip-roofed, brick structure was modeled after Nassau Hall on the campus of Princeton University. The building contained a two-story chapel, recitation rooms, library, museum, medical hall, chemical laboratory, and forty-six student dormitory rooms. Except for a brief period in 1813-14 when the college’s activities were suspended during the war with Great Britain, the structure remained the sole academic building of the University until it was destroyed by fire in 1824.

It was a memorable experience. Thank you Professors Tyzbir and Borra.

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