Luigi Del Bianco

A permanent exhibit showcasing Luigi Del Bianco’s work as Chief Carver on Mount Rushmore is now on display at the Italian American Museum on 155 Mulberry St in Little Italy, New York.

Del Bianco at work...courtesy of web site noted

It was Gutzon Borglum, the designer of the memorial, who hired Del Bianco in 1933 to be Chief Carver and bring “refinements of expression” to the four faces. Luigi fulfilled that role by carving the fine features of the presidents and bringing them to life.  “Bianco” also saved the face of Jefferson by repairing a dangerous crack in his lip; a job Borglum would entrust to no one else. In his own words, Gutzon wrote this about Luigi Del Bianco: “He is worth any three men in America for this type of work”.
Unfortunately, most of the major publications about Mount Rushmore don’t even mention Luigi Del Bianco. Because of this oversight, Luigi’s son Caesar and his grandson Lou have made it a mission over the years to tell a story that needs to be told: that an Italian immigrant came to America to help bring to life our nation’s greatest memorial.
Dr. Joseph Scelsa of the Italian American Museum recognized this need as well. As a result, a display with original photographs and artwork of the gifted stone carver is now available to the public.

Be sure to honor Luigi’s memory by visiting the web site

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