And More Idioms

From Bernadette Verdile
“Chi va piano va sano e va lontano.”
(He who goes slowly goes in good health and for a long time)
From Tom DeNucci
“Fatica puzza!”
(Work stinks)
From JB
“Dalla padella nella brace.”
(From the frying pan into the fire)
From Phoenix714
“Non sputare nel piatto dove mangi.”
(Do not spit in the plate where you eat or, do not bite the hand that feeds you)
And also from Phoenix714
“Manca un venerdi.”
(He/she is  missing a  Friday or he/she is not all there)

Thnak you for your comments. There were so many. I picked a few and will add others in an upcoming blog.

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2 Comments on “And More Idioms”

  1. Lou Piccirilli Says:

    Egle non sputare mai. (He talked continuously and never stopped to spit)

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