My Italian Class

I have been studying the Italian language with the same classmates for the past 10 years, most of them with a remarkable Professor at Providence College, Maria Mansella. Of the many teachers I have had (and there have been many) over the years, she ranks among the very best.

Prof Mansella, standing, second from left

Italian, La Lingua Bella, is not so easy for a senior trying to learn a language late in life. But Professoresssa Mansella, by combining the grammar, syntax and pronunciation with all things Italian… culture, art, history, sociology, geography, film, literature… to name a few… makes it come alive and so much easier. Can I have a conversation with a fast speaking Italian about politics… well no, or not yet anyway. Can I make my way around the small towns of Italy not only ordering a meal or getting directions, but at times discussing serious items at a slow pace … well, yes. And I am so proud of it.
And Professoressa Mansella so loves her students that she becomes more than a teacher. She becomes their friend. Here is a picture of a wonderfully social dinner hosted by Maria and Peter, her husband, just last week. If it looks like we enjoy each other’s company , well we do. And it is all centered around a great culture and a remarkable teacher.

Peter and Maria Mansella

Thank you, Maria!

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6 Comments on “My Italian Class”

  1. Patrizia Santoro Says:

    Hi Ed,

    I also studied under La Bella Prof Maria Mansella and have nothing but fond memories. During one of her classes, I decided I would take a sabatical and study in Italy, and I did. I spent 3 memorable months in Perugia at the Universita degli Stranieri, and feel that Maria made me feel it was possible. Grazie, Maria

  2. Jruscito Says:

    Dr. Ed:

    Outstanding teachers are unforgetable. I was forturante to have several, whom I remember to this day. Although my memory of the subject matter may have failed a bit over the years, my memory of their dedication, their thirst for knowledge and their example and encouragement lives on.

  3. Grazie. Maria is among the best, and our class is fortunate to have her.

  4. Dana deLuca Shechtman Says:

    Dr. Ed, Any room left in that class? I would love to attend!


    • Dana, yes , there is room. You would love the class. I would call the School of Continuing Ed at PC to enroll. The class meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 — 9. The teacher is Prof Maria Mansella.

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