More Marconi in Rhode Island

I visited  Chatham on Cape Cod where Diane and I  had an informative and relaxing week after the wedding of our daughter. I never knew that there was a wireless telegraphy station in Chatham. And this station has been  dedicated to the memory of Guglielmo Marconi. I will write more of this in an upcoming blog, but now I return to Marconi in Rhode Island.

My cousin Yolanda told me there was a monument to this Nobel laureate in RI. “Yes,’ I told her. “It is in Roger Williams Park.”

At the Busy Intersection

“Well,” she replied, “there is another in Cranston.”

At the Piazza Marconi

“Really. Where?”

Marconi Monument in Cranston, RI

Today, Diane and I found it at the corner of Atwood and Plainfield Streets in the Knightsville section of Cranston not far from St. Rocco’s Church. It stood unrecognized and lonely in front of the Walgreen’s Drug Store at a busy intersection. Few looked at it, even when Diane and I were taking pictures. This monument was dedicated in 2001 and Marconi’s youngest daughter, Elettra, was in attendence.

I was to learn that there were two monuments to the great Marconi right here in Rhode Island! God bless those who record, monumentally, the past!

Dr. Ed

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6 Comments on “More Marconi in Rhode Island”

  1. June Champagne Says:

    Dr. Iannuccilli,

    Yes, that monument is at the corner of Atwood and Plainfield Streets in Johnston/Cranston, next to St. Rocco Church. I know it well!!!!! It is relatively new to the corner.

    June Champagne

  2. Lucie Zammarelli Says:

    Hi Dr. Ed, I am very familier with the great Marconi as I worked for Dr Frank D’Alessandro Sr, who is also an Italo-American historian. He had Princess Marconi visit him on several occassions. Thats when that monument in front of Walgreens was dedicated.
    Also, that section of Johnston-Cranston line is called Thornton. Knightsville is further west in Cranston. The intersection of Cranston St and Park-Phenix Ave is Knightsville where many people from Itri, Italy have settled. Just thought you might like to know that!
    Keep writting, I really enjoy it!

    • Thank you, Lucie. Ahh, yes, I know the great Dr. D very well. You were so fortunate to have worked for him. And…I should have known the monument is in Thornton as I stoped at the diner( Rosie’e, I believe) so many time so many years ago when I worked painting guard rails for the State.

  3. Tom DeNucci Says:

    I cannot tell you how many times I have driven by that monument on the way to my office in Smithfield or to visit relatives in Johnston. I reall the little radio tower sticking out of the monument but never had a chance to read it! How interesting. Thanks for pointing it out. Now I also must tell you I agree that it is in Thornton, not Knightsville. Born and raised in Knightsville, I would have noted that monument…hopefully.
    Keep up the good work
    Tom D

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