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It is I, You, He, She It

January 7, 2013

When I was at Classical High, Miss MacDonald taught me the proper, or standard, English:
It is I
It is you
It is he, she it.
It is we
It is you
It is they.
The first person singular pronoun is “I” when it’s a subject and “me” when it’s an object. So why so much confusion these days?
I hear it at a golf match when I ask who is “away” and first to putt. The common answer I hear is “Me.” But no one would say, “Me am away.”
The proper use of “me ‘dictates the following:
“You will play the match with Mike and me, not Mike and I. In this case, just remove Jim if you might be confused.
It could not be “You can play the match with “I.”
Today I am still correct to say “It is “I” but the tide is turning to the “me’s”. It is me.
Now, how do I answer the phone?
Hi, is Ed there?
Do I respond “It is I?” Or, “It is me.” How about ….”Speaking.” Whew, that solves that problem with little embarrassment.
Dear Miss MacDonald, I apologize. Please don’t give me another bad mark.
Me am still recovering from my dangled participle.